What Role does Finance Accounting Play in the Strategic Process?

The role of finance in strategic planning doesn’t seem like an aspect that should be overlooked, but many companies underestimate its impact. As a broad function, finance is responsible for linking capital to a company’s strategic priorities. Learning how to leverage the role of finance in decision making will mean knowing what are the value […]

Top 20 Financial KPIs That Every CFO Should Keep Track

Quantifiable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are a critical tool for any CFO who wants to maintain visibility and insight into financial performance. There are many KPI measurement methods out there, leading some executives to wonder how many KPIs should their business have. While KPIs for CFOs and KPIs for finance managers might appear similar, there […]

New CFO 90-Day Plan: Your Playbook

Bringing on a new CFO is an exciting period of transformation in any company. Big picture goals will involve learning your new company, developing a working relationship with your new boss and staff, and understanding which elements of the company culture can be improved – alongside which should remain consistent. The following represents a CFO’s […]

CFO of 2030: The Future of Corporate Finance

We’re seeing big shifts in the role of the CFO and how finance chiefs expect to create value over the next decade. The CFO of 2030 will look quite different than the CFO of 2020, and while some goals will remain the same (such as ongoing pushes to decrease costs and increasing focus on value-add […]

How Do You Assess Strategic Risk?

Do you have a handle on your company’s strategic risks? Even if you think you do, you never know for sure until you start assessing them. A strategic risk assessment can help you identify potential dangers impacting your business’s success. This blog post discusses the strategic risk assessment process and best practices for creating a […]

What CFOs and Controllers Need to Know About Blockchain

As a proactive CFO or financial controller, you’ve likely kept an eye on how new technologies like blockchain can impact your business. After all, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize accounting and auditing. While it has existed as a rogue digital market for several years, government agencies are now attempting to regulate it. The processes […]

What is the accounting treatment for bargain purchase?

Bargain purchases provide an excellent opportunity to secure assets at insanely low prices. These situations often arise when owners need to sell a company quickly to repay debts, exit the market or distribute assets among co-owners. While it certainly saves your company in upfront costs, you need to account for the bargain on the balance […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Accounting Manager

Hiring an accounting manager can feel like a daunting task. There are many things to consider, and mistakes could cost you in time or money down the road. Consequently, it’s essential to understand what an accounting manager does, how to find the right one, and, most importantly, the top five mistakes to avoid when you […]

Is Your Organization Too Risk Averse?

Are you too risk averse when it comes to your business? Many business owners are, and it can be a challenge to overcome. Risk aversion is the tendency to avoid any situation that has the potential for loss, no matter how small. This approach can become a major obstacle to growth and innovation. This blog […]

Purchase Requisition vs Purchase Order: What’s the Difference?

When you’re ready to make purchases for your business, you’ll need to decide whether to create a purchase requisition or a purchase order. What is the difference between requisition and purchase order processes? How do you know when to use either one or both? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you make the […]