How the Accounts Payable Process Work?

How the Accounts Payable Process Work

The accounts payable process is a key part of any successful business. It ensures that the business meets its financial obligations in full and on time. The AP team must also find creative solutions for instances when cash is low to meet these needs. Understanding the accounts payable process steps makes it easier for you […]

What Is Bad Debt to Sales Ratio?

Bad Debt to Sales Ratio

Debt refers to the amount of money one entity owes another. Debt becomes bad debt when the debtor has a low or no chance of repaying that money. When financial professionals calculate a bad debt to sales ratio, the intention is to determine the financial state of the company. More specifically, the accounting team needs […]

How to Use Collections Effectiveness Index (CEI)

How to Use Collections Effectiveness Index

Of the many collections metrics in the finance team’s arsenal, one that deserves more attention is CEI – the collections effectiveness index. This is a collection efficiency KPI that indicates how effective a team is at collecting funds from customers and closing accounts. It’s a vital metric for any financial team to know and implement […]

Top Payroll Performance Metrics You Need to Track

Top Payroll Performance Metrics

Employees represent a company’s greatest assets but also one of its largest expenses. Consequently, companies need to keep a close eye on payroll performance metrics to ensure productivity and efficiency. There are dozens of metrics used by companies around the world, so how do you know which one to choose? What Are Important Payroll Benchmarking […]