The 5 Best Podcasts for CFOs You Must Follow in 2022

Best Podcasts for CFOs

As a CFO, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in your industry. Unfortunately, your busy schedule might make it difficult to read all the books and articles it would take to accomplish this. That’s where podcasts come in, but how do you find the right one? We’ve made it […]

What Is the Role of CFO in Digital Transformation?

Role of CFO in Digital Transformation

The need for digitalisation in finance is clear. CFOs for companies of all sizes understand the benefits of technology for financial oversight, risk management, and strategic decision-making. The problem is that many CFOs have a poor understanding of the critical role they have in driving these advancements and how to work with IT to connect […]

How CFOs Can Improve Strategic Risk Management

How CFOs Can Improve Strategic Risk Management

In the past, organizations primarily relied on CFOs to save them from financial ruin. Back then, financial officers served as the authority behind the company’s purse strings. The role of CFO in modern times has evolved beyond this to include comprehensive risk management. While organizations can face a wide range of risks, CFO compliance concerns […]